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Friday, January 16, 2009

Printable Jumble Word Puzzles

Here you can download a few good printable jumble word puzzles to descramble and complete. I used to love solving these word scrambles when I was a kid. My teacher would always give them out to kids who had finished their main work early, so everybody always raced to finish early and do some word jumble games!

If you want to solve word scramble puzzles that are really basic, this one is good to start with.

Solve word scramble puzzles like this one.

Here's a Valentine's Day word scramble to solve.

Free word scramble games to jumble.

Here's a bird jumble word game.

Printable word jumble games to descramble.

Nautical theme word jumble game.

Word scrambles and games and puzzles for kids.

There are a large number of word jumble websites online for you to download from. A simple google search or google image search will lead you to lots more puzzle activities. Enjoy!